Week 13


Since our plans got bumped back a bit, I postponed the last two Sundays but am back on track 🙂  I have only two recipes left after this one!  Crazy to think of it that way! I’m SO HAPPY he is almost home!

This week was PW’s Ranch Style Chicken.  SUCCESS! I have finally found the recipe that Wyatt gave 5 stars for!! First I have to mention this recipe doesnt actually have anything ranch-flavored in it – but it is WONDERFUL and takes a little prep time but COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

Here is everything you’ll need:

honey, dijon mustard, red pepper flakes, paprika, salt and pepper, and fresh lemon juice.  Oops and a package of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. which i forgot. and had to go to the store for while this was marinading.

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whisk 1/2 cup of honey and mustard together. add juice of 1/2 lemon. (i will say i cut this back – recipe calls for 6 chicken breasts, then cut them in half.  I bought four – already cut in half pieces since it was just Wyatt and me – so i divided everything in half)

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after everything is combined – then add paprika, salt, pepper (1/2 teaspoon of each) and red pepper flakes (to taste – a little goes a LONG way i think 🙂  )

blog 005

after its all mixed – add chicken, cover and let marinate for 2 – 4 hours ( i did for four hours) let me tell you – this is SOOOO delicious and worth it!)

blog 006

while its marinading- cook 1/2 pound of bacon, slices cut in half. drain. set aside.

after chicken has had time to soak up all the marinade-y goodness – i put it on my foreman grill for 5 minutes.  then placed cooked chicken on a foll-covered baking sheet.  top the chicken with four half-strips of bacon each (or less if you want).  Cover with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  place under broiler in the about 5 minutes – or until cheese is melted.

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the flavor of the marinade with this tender chicken was OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious!!  I served it with mashed potatoes.  Wyatt had his plate cleaned about 3 minutes later.  This is how I judge my success!

blog 008

You wont be sorry you made this!  Enjoy! 🙂

Week 11 and 12


WELLLLL week 11 i have a pretty good excuse why I wasnt cooking 🙂  Wyatt and I took a little road trip 🙂


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and as for Week 12 – well – I confess – I didnt cook anything special – Wyatt was working until 8:00 and I was just worn out from the week and the roller coaster of emotions I cant seem to get off of!  So I took the Sunday off. 🙂