Week 10 Honey Plum Soy Chicken


I’m having a lot of fun cooking through my Sundays until Dylan comes home – just nice to try different things – with familiar flavors – but still different!  This was pretty easy too – with a delicious flavor 🙂  I added some store-bought frozen rolls – baked up and brushed with butter and lightly salted.  Delicious!

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Week 9 – Tangy Tomato Brisket


This was very delicious – but a little salty.  I talked over with the butcher what i was making – and since I had never cooked with brisket before – he suggested i go with a package of – not brined, but something akin to brine – brisket.  It was good – but I almost feel like it was a little too salty – I loved how easy this recipe was tho!! It made a LOT and had a good flavor!  I made some delicious potatoes as a side dish and they were AWESOME.  Very easy and I will for sure be making those again too!

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Week 8


I’m pretty far behind in postings – been kinda crazy – not in a good way at first! But things are leveling out…  the sunday i made this, it ended up getting overcooked – not burnt – but just shy of it I think… i am planning to redo it – it was very flavorful – i think i just need to keep a closeblog 003r eye on it next time!   blog 004