Week #4 – Drip Beef


Yesterday I made Drip Beef – it was very yummy! The recipe on her website tho, was different than the one i used – i used the one from her cookbook… but either way you try it – you wont be sorry 🙂 I will definitely make it again! I started with this DELICIOUS looking roast… salted and peppered

blog 001


seared it on both sides, in 2 T of butter and 2 T of canola oil, added rosemary, and two cups of beef broth and one cup of water…then a small jar of pepperoncinis

blog 002


then simmered it for 5 hours on low….

in the meantime – i decided to try out my new mandolin – so i sliced up about 4 potatoes and fried them up (also got the idea from PW – who else? lol)

blog 003

seriously – dont these look completely delicious?

blog 004

they were! 🙂

I was pretty happy with the results.  And so was Wyatt 🙂  which is the most important factor – he gave it 4 out of 5 stars 🙂

blog 005


Have a great week!



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