Its Monday


Yesterday I made the three meat lasagna. It was REALLY good but also VERY filling!  Just look at this heavy skillet full-o-meat!



Although it has a lovely heat/bite to it – i might cut down on the red pepper flakes by half next time i make it – and there will be a next time! Yummo!  Look how beautifully it came out:



All in all i think it was so easy – it took a while to put it together, but there was nothing complicated about this recipe at all.

Needless to say – it was a good way to stay busy until my phone call from my son came in 🙂  I Hope these next 80 days go by really fast!  I miss him so much.  I hate not being able to talk to him.  But all at the same time I’m so incredibly proud.  This emotional roller coaster is taking a toll on me I’m afraid!  I’m just exhausted.

Next Sunday is sloppy joe’s 🙂   Talk to y’all soon 🙂

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